Date: 29th January 2023
Time: 9.15am- 5pm
Venue: Luisne Centre for Wellbeing, Egan Centre, Bray
Participants: 4
Fee: €120 (Deposit €55)

Kundalini Reiki is an uncomplicated yet powerful healing modality.
The name derives from Sanskrit and translates as ‘Powerful creative force within the human body’.
A series of three attunements is given on the day to open and strengthen the Kundalini Energy Flow, allowing you to use the healing energy for self-healing, hands-on healing and distance healing.
Kundalini Reiki Level One– attunement allows the channelling of Reiki energy. Areas covered include hands-on healing and distance healing.
Kundalini Reiki Level Two-you are attuned to Kundalini Reiki energy. You learn how to complete a Kundalini Meditation to strengthen the flow and cleanse the Charkras.
Preparation for Level Three.
Kundalini Reiki Level Three– this is Kundalini Reiki Master/Teacher level, which allows you to teach and attune others to Kundalini Reiki energy. Full rising of the Kundalini energy takes place.
Six extra Attunements are given with Level Three, with the option of two sets of Boosters at a later date.

Attunements include:

  • Balance
  • Diamond Reiki
  • Crystaline Reiki
  • DNA Reiki
  • Location Reiki
  • Past Life Reiki

Investment for this powerful workshop is €120 (€55 deposit secures your place). All successful participants will receive a manual and a Practitioner/Teacher Certificate. Please contact Circle of Light, Bray for bookings – by Facebook Messenger by email or by phone 086 8381522.